Nebraska City Votes on Illegal Immigrant Regulation

voteAll eyes were focused on a small city in the state of Nebraska as voters there decide whether to allow illegal immigrants to get hired or rent properties.

Around 25,000 live in Fremont City of the Cornhusker State. According to unofficial results, 57% of the voters support the regulation.

Supporters of the regulation said that this would make up what federal law lacks in immigration violation enforcement. Of course those who oppose said that such moves will be a cause for discrimination.

According to the measure, a license to rent is needed for anyone who would like to rent properties. Fremont officials will be required to check if such potential renters are in the country legally. If they are found to be illegal immigrants they will not be issued licenses. Businesses, meanwhile, are required to verify employees if they have legal status using the federal E-Verify database when hiring people for work.

The vote came after the controversial Arizona state law that makes being illegal immigrant as criminal in nature. The Obama administration already said that it would challenge the law.