Neda revitalizes Iranian protesters over Twitter


A young woman, who could only be identified as “Neda“, became the cornerstone of Iranian protester adrenaline when videos of her dead body in Tehran were circulated within the net, most notably through the Twitter network.

Neda was reportedly protesting in the streets of Tehran with her father, when pro-geovernment Basiji militia shot her in the heart. An unidentified individual managed to film her among the chaos, showing her collapsed on the street.

Her true identity cannot be confirmed as of the moment.

Her video must have sparked into the hearts of many who were watching the developments amidst Iran, which was shown in various sites, most notably YouTube and CNN.

Retroactively, people on Twitter started mingling in conversations marked by the hashtag #NEDA, arguably attributed to an anonymous twitter saying “RIP NEDA, The World cries seeing your last breath, you didn’t die in vain. We remember you.”

The hashtag became one of Twitter’s trending topics by early Sunday, Tehran time.

Twitter has been the default medium of communication among media in revolution-injected Iran, as constrictions in free speech and media were enforced because of the protests against the recently concluded Iran elections.