Nepal’s Shortest Man Seeks Guinness World Records Recognition

The shortest man in Nepal is taking the extra mile to be officially recognized as the world’s most vertically challenged man. Khagendra Thapa Magar is set to fly to Europe and appear on Italian television, among other publicity stunts in order to prove his claim that he is the shortest man in the world, BBC reports. The 17-year-old wants the Guinness World Records to name him as the shortest living person in the planet with a height of 56 centimeters. He Pingping of China is the current record holder at 74.61 cm.

Magar is flying to Europe with his father and another aide. Magar had previously sought Guinness’ recognition in 2006 but was rejected on the grounds that he has yet to turn 18 years old and because of the possibility that he might still grow. Family members claim that Magar stopped growing when he was 11. Based on the Nepalese calendar, Magar will turn 18 on October 4 this year.

The shortest man-ever, according to Guinness, was Indian Gul Mohammed, who was officially measured at 57 cm, a centimeter taller than Magar.