New Details of Woods Thanksgiving Accident Released

Some new details regarding the event that started a shocking scandal involving the world’s most famous golf player were released Friday, March 12, 2010.Tiger Woods

The car crash incident of Tiger Woods in the early hours of the morning the day after last year’s Thanksgiving started a string of revelations regarding Woods involvement with several other women.

Among the new details released by the Florida Highway Patrol are the following:

  • Elin was not allowed to board the ambulance carrying her husband since they believe the case was a domestic violation one though they can’t find any evidence about it.
  • Troops searched for evidence of driving under influence (by alcohol or drugs) for an hour before announcing the accident.
  • Officers calculated that Woods was driving his car between 29-37 mph.
  • The attorney of Woods was asked for a video of the car crash which should have been captured by two of his house security cameras.