New Facebook Feature: Status Tagging


Hot on the heels of the international launch of Facebook Lite, yet another enhancement to the already excellent Facebook experience was introduced today: Status Tagging.

That’s right, just as you can tag photos on Facebook, you can now also tag your status updates. Clearly inspired by (or ripped off from, depends on which side you’re on in the ongoing Facebook-Twitter cold war) Twitter’s @mentions feature, Facebook status tagging works in pretty much the same way you “@mention” someone on Twitter.

You can tag your status by simply entering “@” followed by the name of your friend, a fan page, a group or an event. In other words, you can include any of your connections on Facebook in your status message. Once your status update is posted, the tags you included can be clicked and are linked to their corresponding Facebook pages. The people or brands you tagged will then be notified and your update will also appear on their Walls.

What I find particularly useful in the process of status tagging is the auto-suggestion feature. It is basically a drop-down menu of your friends and other connections that match what you have typed so far after the @ symbol. This feature is notably absent in Twitter’s @mentions.

After this development, I wonder what other stuff Facebook has in store in their evident campaign against Twitter. What’s next? #Hashtags perhaps?