New Pill Found to Lower Chances of Pregnancy

ellaoneA new pill was found out to be more effective for lowering the chances of unwanted pregnancies from unprotected sex, research said.

The new drug, named Ellaone, has been found to be still effective five days after it was taken – that’s two days more than the current most common morning-after pill Levonorgestrel.

Ellaone gives 98% chances of not getting pregnancies until up to the fifth day after consumption while Levonorgestrel is effective at 95% at the first day but lowers to 58% at the third day.

The new drug contains a synthetic version of the female hormone progesterone – the “hormone of pregnancy.”

The study was conducted among 5,500 women. It was headed by Doctor Anna Glasier of NHS Lothian in Edinburgh. She explained that the drug would delay the release of the egg cell for fertilization instead of destroying an implanted embryo.

Ellaone costs 17 British pounds while Levonorgrestrel costs 6 British pounds.