New Reality Show Puts Company Executives as Regular Workers

A new reality show is hitting the ratings as it features a different perspective in putting everyday lives 0n television.Undercover-Boss-logo

Undercover Boss features a senior executive at a major corporation, working incognito as a new entry-level hire in his or her company for one week, to find out how the company really works and to help them identify unrecognized but excellent employees.

It was based from a program of the same name from Britain’s Channel 4.

The first episode premiered after Super Bowl XLIV. It featured Larry O’Donnel, President and CEO of Waste Management, Inc. He was followed by Coby G. Brooks, President and CEO of Hooters, Inc.

The latest episode featured Joseph M. DePinto, President & CEO of 7-Eleven. In his episode, he was seen struggling to make donuts. His co-worker Phil Shearin could only look at him while wondering how slow he is.

The show is hailed for sporting a different form of reality show. Instead of focusing on competitions or trying to humiliate a contestant, it was seen as helping people understand each other’s work. Many believed that it will be another benchmark in reality shows like what happened to The Biggest Loser (for weight awareness), Amazing Race (for globalization) and of course Survivor (for starting reality shows). Its pilot episode has the highest number of viewers for a new series following a Super Bowl event.

Next episode features Dave Rife, owner and Executive Board Member for White Castle. It is being shown in WJZ every Sunday at 9 PM.