New Rihanna Video Gets Daytime Ban in France

Rihanna-We-Found-Love-Video-BannedRihanna’s latest chart-topping single, “We Found Love,” may be dominating the competition at the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, but its video is not getting any love from the French audiovisual watchdog.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the Supreme Audiovisual Council of France has banned the “We Found Love” video during daytime for being too explicit. The Council said the video contains “pronounced suggestive” scenes. The watchdog also found video director Melina Matsoukas’s interpretation of “self-destructive behavior” inappropriate for daytime viewing.

The controversial video focuses on two passionate lovers and the highs and lows of their relationship. Among the “self-destructive behavior” depicted in the video are drug abuse, physical fights, and verbal sparring. The male protagonist in the video also eerily looks like Rihanna’s former boyfriend, Chris Brown, who infamously turned the Barbadian singer’s face into a canvass of bruises and black eyes in a violent altercation several years ago.