New XBox 360 Immediately Ships; Kinect at $150

xbox_kinectAt the first day of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010, a game console gets a new version and will be immediately be available to consumers.

The redesigned XBox 360 “Slim” was announced Monday, June 14 and will also ship out in the same day. It will cost $299.99 and boasts of a 250 GB HDD with built-in WiFi 802.11. A day before it has been rumored that such a new model will be announced.

The new version will be Kinect-ready. Kinect is the controller-free device of XBox 360 which will enable users to play video games without using any controllers. However, Kinect will only be available come November 4 in North America. No announcement yet for the other regions. Prices were not discussed but according to GameSpot, Kinect will cost a hefty $149.99 at standalone purchase and $399.99 when bundled with XBox 360. The Kinect-compatible games announced during the pre-E3 events were also listed at the website to be at $50 each.

A Wii Fit counterpart was also announced, the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.