Newly Discovered Asteroid 2010 GA6 Safely Passes Earth

A small asteroid flew past the Earth safely last Thursday, April 8.asteroid-belt

The asteroid, named 2010 GA6, came as close as 270,000 miles or 434,000 kilometers within the planet. That’s just a little bit slight within the range of the moon’s orbit. It was first projected to approach within a closer range of 223,000 miles or 359,000 kilometers.

2010 GA6 is 71 feet or 22 meters wide. It hurled passed the planet at around 1906H PDT. It was discovered only very recently by the astronomers and the Catalina Sky Survey in Tucson, Arizona.

Last January, another small asteroid whizzed by at a range of 76,000 miles or 122,000 kilometers. The closest Near-Earth Asteroid to approach Earth is 2004 FU162 when it drew near at 4,000 miles or 6,500 kilometers last March 31, 2004. However, it was only 5 to 10 meters in diameter.

Sky objects missing the Earth by a few thousands of miles is not rare. “Flybys of near-Earth objects within the moon’s orbit occur every few weeks,” said a statement by Don Yeomans of the Near Earth Object Office.