NFL: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

dallas cowboys vs philadelphia eagles live stream The Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles match this afternoon will determine the champion of the NFC East.

The Cowboys have truly put their December woes behind them with two remarkable victories— against the New Orleans Saints and divisional rivals Washington Redskins.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, has one of the fastest offenses ever formed in the NFL. And while the game will be played at Cowboys Stadium, there’s a huge possibility that the Eagles would prevail over Dallas’ home field advantage and win.

Andy Reid’s side comes into the game with an 11-4 record on the season, while the Cowboys have posted a 10-5 record to date.

The match kicks-off at 4:20 p.m. ET.

Meanwhile if Tony Romo goes the distance in this game, he will achieve a first in Cowboys history. The 29-year-old would become the clubs’ first quarterback to take every play at the position in the regular season.

UPDATE: The Dallas Cowboys became NFC East Champions after a convincing win against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys’ 24-0 victory over the Eagles clinched the NFC’s third overall playoff seed and secured a first-round home rematch against their sixth-seeded division rivals.