NFL Franchise Owners Approve New Post-Season Overtime Rule

A new overtime rule for post-season games was approved by NFL franchise owners Tuesday, March 23 to diminish the effect of coin flips towards winning via single possession and increases the chance of both teams touching the

The new rule is as follows: the team that gets the ball at the start of overtime can win only on the opening possession via a touchdown. If that team kicks a field goal, the other team gets the possession with a chance to either win with a touchdown or equalize with a field goal. If the score is still tied after that, it would be sudden death from that point on. If neither team scores on its first possession, the game would continue on a sudden-death basis.

The vote was 28-4 with Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals voting against it.

This is an answer with the trend during the last 16 years where teams who win the coin toss frequently wins the game.