NFL Player Chris Henry Dead at 26


Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry has died after a car accident in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The returning player fell out of his fiancee’s moving truck on Wednesday while having an argument with her. He sustained life-threatening injuries. On Thursday at 6:36 AM EST he was pronounced dead from the Carolionas Medical Center. No cause of death was immediately released. He was 26.

His fiancée is identified as Loleini Tonga. It was also reported that they have three children, all under the age of 4. They were planning to marry March next year.

Henry was first drafted to the Bengals in 2005. He had been involved in various violations with the law like speeding, driving without license, marijuana possession, sexual assault, misdemeanor violation, drunk driving and substance abuse. He was arrested in April 2008 for physical assault. At this point, the team waved off his contract. After promising to clean up his act, he was re-signed to the squad in August 2008.