Nicolas Cage Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

Action star Nicolas Cage was named Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The announcement came during the 14th Annual Benefit Dinner of the UN Correspondent’s Association (UNCA) in New York Friday, December 4, the UN News Centre reported.nicolas-cage

Cage’s work as a producer, director and actor on various films portraying issues of global justice, terrorism, drugs trafficking, arms trafficking and sex crimes and his work as an Amnesty International advocate raising awareness about the horrors faced by child soldiers, arms trafficking, violence against women and other human rights tragedies were considered for his appointment as ambassador.

Asked for a comment regarding the appointment, the Academy Award winner said, “My real life role as UNODC Goodwill Ambassador will certainly be even more challenging and meaningful than those I have portrayed on screen.”

He is also the UNCA’s recipient for Global Citizen of the Year Award for Humanitarian Achievements.