Nigeria Senate Demands President to Transfer Powers to the Vice President

The continued absence of the President of Nigeria is sparking debates between the branches of government. The Senate wants him to be replaced by his deputy while the Cabinet insists that he is still fit to do his mandate.Umaru-Yar'Adua

Umaru Yar’Adua, has been in Saudi Arabia for two months seeking treatment for his heart conditions.

The senate urged the President to notify them about his medical vacation so that full powers can be exercised by Vice President Goodluck Jonathan who has been filling in for the President but with limited powers. This is the procedure mandated by the constitution.

Last week the federal high court ordered the Cabinet to determine if the President is still fit to take office. Otherwise, he should discharge his duties to the Vice President.

The federal high court will decide on Friday, January 29, whether to transfer full powers to Jonathan. No law in the nation states on how long a sitting President can stay to be absent from office.