Nikki Catsouras: Gruesome car crash photos leaked online


Nikki Catsouras died in a horrific car crash in 2006. Within days of Nikki’s death, her father received an email that he thought to be a property listing. But that was far from the case. Instead, what he saw was the gruesome accident scene photos of their once-living 18 year old daughter accompanied by the following caption: “Whoohoo Daddy! Hey Daddy, I’m still alive.”

The California Highway Patrol apologized for the leaked images. Two CHP dispatchers leaked the pictures of the accident scene and Nikki’s horrific death onto the Internet.

Since that shocking experience, her family has spent lots of money in legal fees in an attempt to stop cyber bullies from posting the accident pictures online. Indeed, the car crash photo controversy has morphed into a case about cyber-privacy and harassment.

If you want to see the gruesome car crash photos, you can go here. The images are so horrific we can’t post it on our site.

You can read more about the story on Newsweek.

  1. Whoever did this should be sentenced to death!!!!!! 🙁 They have no idea what the famliy is going through!!!!!!!!! Its unbelivbly rude, disgusting and just plain disrespectful!

  2. i am so sorry for her family i think that the family has every right to sue who they are…
    i pray for your daughter and her family…

  3. Re: lawsuit for parents. I think it is needed. I tried to place my own children's faces into that picture and I am having a difficult time. Add to this the heartless degradation coming from e-mailers…. I would like to ask America's ….I'm assuming … teenagers?….the e-mailers who send these heartless messages to the family…why they are doing it. I can't help but to remember the days following Sept. 11…9-1-1…remember how America all pulled together to help and support our mourning fellow citizens? And then I look at the treatment these mourning parents and sisters are receiving…do these messengers have nothing else in their hearts or mind to offer up? Could they take a look into their own souls to see what they have to send out into the world, that's decent instead, from here on in? I ask Christ to Bless the hardened hearts of those who sent an unkind e-mail out and ask that He melts away the pain in their own hearts. Something in there hurts, huh?
    Also, I know in criminal cases they can go into computer data and retrieve. Since that judge dismissed the case (being that the CHP cops did not have to preserve their privacy) why can't they retrieve the most painful writings from the citizens sent to the parents and siblings and at least begin with attacking from a “harassment” angle? Isn't part of 'harassment' an inappropriate treatment that one is receiving that others are not receiving?
    As well, I do believe that they should get the rights to these photos, the rights to their privacy, and the rights to their daughter's privacy. If not in this case, then let's change it for the future. (We have to sign waivers to allow our underage children's photos be used in our state. Isn't “under 21' and residing at the parents' address a “legal ward” of the parent, living or deceased…and parents have legal rights to speak and sign for these dependants? Some say the deceased have no right to privacy, however, they have wills, etc..that are honored from the deceased. As well, they are the ones that have the right to speak for her, as we would leave that right to our nearest love.)
    I hope the family has the strength to continue to fight as I think they should win the rights to change any laws needed to preserve dignity for such victims in the future.The 2 Cal.Highway Patrols should both be fired for ethics violations. The one should not have been allowed to “resign”, but rather “fired” loudly and clearly. I'm sure they have an ethics code as all professions do. Laws should be changed to ensure that the CHP's and all police organizations should now be expected to respect rights of families and victims regarding this unethical and inhumane behavior in the future, so that no judge has a reason to dismiss such a case again. Had these 2 policemen wanted to, as I've read, share with other teenage drivers to get a point across about safe driving, the internet was not a wise choice.
    However, I would like to commend those policemen who did initially take care that the family be spared these scenes.
    As far as winning money for the lawsuit? I am not a big believer in money lawsuits. However, my husband reminds me that money is what these organizations, corporations and businesses hear and so if $20 million dollars is the language that gets these laws changed, then I suppose it would be worth it. Nikki Catsouras was, however, priceless…and $20 million dollars wouldn't begin to cover our world's loss of her.
    Since I'm not too technologically skilled and do not know how to do it myself. I hope someone can send the family my wish for healing and strength.

  4. that is cruel and wicked, and for someone to post those pictures and for her family to see her like this is just evil. Poor family. I fell real sorry for them.

  5. that is cruel and wicked, and for someone to post those pictures and for her family to see her like this is just evil. Poor family. I fell real sorry for them.