David Haye vs. Nikolai Valuev


Britain’s  David Haye will try to beat Russian giant Nikolay Valuev in a WBA Heavyweight title match Saturday night (November 7).

Standing at 7 feet and 2 inches, Valuev is the tallest and heaviest boxer in history. This is like a David and Goliath match and will definitely test Haye’s capabilities as a boxer.

The 29-year-old Haye, a former cruiserweight champ, weighed in Friday at a career-high 218 pounds while Valuev, 36, tipped the scales at a massive 315.9 pounds.

The popular view in the boxing world is that the Russian is too big and too good for the challenger. Haye is in his prime, quick and heavy-handed, but there are question marks over his stamina. If he doesn’t get the Beast from the East out of there early, he has a problem.

In a recent interview, the British fighter said: “This is the craziest fight of my life, in terms of preparation and the fight itself.”

Valuev has never been floored in his 51 professional heavyweight bouts and has a remarkable record of 34 knock outs out of 50 wins. And in this fight dimensions will definitely matter. The Russian has a 9-inch height advantage and 7-inch reach gain. Size, not great boxing skills, has made the 36-year-old a world champion in a time of few brilliant performers.

But all this fuss means nothing to the Haye, who is confident that he can KO the giant. However, we must take note that David knocked down Goliath using a sling and a rock…not his fists.

If you like watching big men bash each other around, then tonight should be to your taste. David Haye vs. Nikolai Valuev world heavyweight title showdown will be screened live and exclusively on Sky Box Office (Sky channel 743) from 9.30 PM-12 PM.

The new WBA World Heavyweight Champion is David Haye.


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