Nintendo 3DS to Hit US Market in March

Nintendo‘s much-awaited 3DS is set to arrive in US stores on March 27 at an initial price of $249.99, the company announced on Wednesday, according to the Washington Post.

Nintendo said in press conferences held in Amsterdam and New York that more than 30 games will be available during the first few months of the 3DS, which allow users to play video games in 3D without the need of 3D glasses. Games released for Nintendo’s other DS family consoles may also be used with the 3DS, the company said.

Nintendo also announced that the 3DS will have a docking station, a 3D camera, a pedometer, and a StreetPass feature that allows users to interact with fellow gamers within a specific range. For those yearning for the good old days of gaming, the 3DS also includes a feature that permits owners to play classic Game Boy games with the use of the console.

The 3DS will first be released in Japan next month, then in Europe just days before it hits North America.