Nintendo Delays Two Anticipated Games

Nintendo announced that it will delay two anticipated games in North America. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor and Metroid: Other M release dates were pushed back to June 27 and August 31 respectively.Sin-Punishment-Star-Successor

Star Successor was originally set to hit the shelves on June 7 while Metroid is supposed to blast off on June 27. The delays however only affects North America. Star Successor will be available in Europe on May 7 while Metroid will be in Japan this summer and in Europe during the third quarter.

No reasons were given regarding the changing of schedule.

Originally titled as Sin and Punishment 2, the rail shooting video game has been given by Metacritic of a score of 87/100.

The company also announced the release dates of upcoming downloadable games:




  • Photo Dojo – May 10
  • Earthworm Jim -May 10
  • Frogger Returns -May 17
  • Metal Torrent -May 24
  • X-Scape – May 31
  • Hero of Sparta – May 31
  • Flametail -June 7
  • A Kappa’s Trail – June 14

Photo Dojo will be free during the first month, afterwards it will be sold at a price of $2.