Nintendo DS in 3D – Without the Glasses

A few days after it was declared that Nintendo DS is being geared as a tool in Japanese education system, another announcement was made for the popular dual screen handheld device console – a 3D version without the need of the glasses.


The new version, which is temporarily called Nintendo 3DS, is expected to hit the stores on March 31, 2011. Current games will still be playable to the new upgrade.

No other information was shared as Nintendo Co. said that prices and functionalities will be given at the upcoming 2010 E3 Convention in Los Angeles in June. The E3 Convention is the most anticipated annual trade show for computer and video games.

The Nintendo DS remains the best-selling portable video console to date, with 125 million units sold since its introduction in 2004. However, it has already started to decline in sales with forecasts of 24%. Several versions were already issued to maintain sales such as Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS XL.