Nintendo DSiWare Games Non-Transferrable

Owners of the Nintendo DSi who bought games from DSiWare and who are planning to upgrade to the DSi XL version will be dismayed with the fact that the games are not transferrable to the new device.300px-DSiXL

A spokesperson from Nintendo confirmed the above-mentioned limitation. The DSi and DSi XL are the company’s additional attempt to compete with Sony, Microsoft and Apple in the online downloading market, especially for handheld consoles.

The DSi XL is set to be released in North America on March 28 and in Australia on April 15. It has been in the shelves in Japan since November 21, 2009 and in Europe last March 5.

The problem stems from the fact that the DSi XL does not have the capability to recognize games that were previously purchased for DSi. The spokesperson assured users that they are looking for a solution.

The DSi XL will work with backward compatibility for cartridge-based DS games.

DSi XL, the fourth version (original DS and DS Lite are the first two), already has a successor, the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully, this one will not suffer the same problem as the one facing the DSi XL.