North Korean leader sent message to South Korea’s president

president-kim-dae-jungSenior North Korean envoys delivered a message from Kim Jong-il to South Korea’s president in a meeting on Sunday. The message was likely the first direct communication between the two leaders.

“The North delegation delivered leader Kim Jong-il’s verbal message as to the progress in North-South Korean cooperation,” presidential spokesman Lee Dong-kwan said in a televised briefing. Lee Dong-Kwan also said that the message was “regarding progress in inter-Korean relations”.

The Blue House meeting was the latest sign of warming ties between the two countries after months of tension. It took place just hours before the funeral of Kim Dae-jung, the former South Korean president. Kim also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 for his unflagging efforts at reconciliation with the communist North, including a historic summit with Jong-il in Pyongyang.