No Apologies – Lambert

American Idol season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is not offering any apologies for the racy performance he did at the closing of the 2009 American Music Awards.2009 AMA Awards Show

ABC network received more than a thousand complains regarding some “lewd” acts he did while singing the lead single of his latest album. This includes simulating oral sex with a male dancer, grabbed his crotch and kissed male keyboardist Tommy Ratliff who is straight. Dick Clark Productions edited out the scenes for the west coast broadcast.

Each one of these acts was done at the spur of the moment. Lambert believes that there was a double standard. He compared it to exotic and provocative dances that female pop singers are already doing for years. He said he would not be surprised if there would be some editing, but he thinks it should not be edited, as it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom. He stressed out that everybody should open up their minds and enjoy things as it was no big deal.

Many viewers and celebrities don’t agree however.