No More Fries, Pizzas and Burgers for US Soldiers in Afghanistan

American soldiers stationed in bases in Afghanistan will soon be missing eating in commercial establishments after a decision was handed down that they are to be shut down.Burger-King-Fries

“This is a war zone –- not an amusement park,” Command Sgt. Major Michael Hall wrote on his blog. NATO‘s top Afghanistan commander, General Stanley McChrystal, expressed previously that these stores were becoming a distraction to military operations.

Some of the stores facing the axe are Burger King, Orange Julius, Pizza Hut, TGIF and Dairy Queen.

The soldiers will still be able to eat burgers and pizzas but only those served in military canteens and not from commercial establishments.

Stores selling coffee and doughnuts will be allowed to remain, along with those that sell Afghan books, jewelry and phone cards.

However, the cut doesn’t stop there. Canned and bottled goods going into the country will also be reduced. First-run movie showings and some entertainment shows will also be affected.