Nokia and Microsoft Announce Partnership

nokia_microsoftTwo of the most common names in the technology industry have announced their partnership in an effort to penetrate more in the mobile industry.

Nokia, a world leader in mobile phones, said it would be leaving its own operating system behind and use the Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft instead for its high-end phones.

Analysts are now saying that the move was done to challenge the dominance of Apple and its iOS, which is used in iPhone, and Google’s Android market. However, the current opinion is that the deal may not achieve that goal. The Android market is swiftly becoming bigger by the minute and Apple is in the verge of announcing the next generations of iPad and iPhone. Recent reports even indicate that Apple is developing a low-cost and smaller iPhone, which is not tied to any network.

Currently, Samsung and LG are the current supporters for the Windows Phone 7. The arrival of Nokia to the fold may indeed help Microsoft broaden its market share. The main problem, however, is that Windows Phone 7 is not attracting developers for its application store, which is called the Windows Phone Marketplace.