Nokia Chargers Recalled

recalled-nokia-chargersMobile giant Nokia is recalling some chargers of its phones that may bring electric shocks to its users. Affected charger models include AC-3E and AC-3U (manufactured between June 15, 2009 – August 9, 2009) and AC-4U (manufactured between April 13, 2009 – October 25, 2009). Nokia will replace the affected units free of charge.

No incidents have been reported yet. The defect was found out on a routine quality control check. The recall was prompted as a precautionary measure. Media reports indicate that as high as 14 million units may be affected. Nokia has not confirmed this number as of press time with TechNewsWorld.

The electric shock could occur when the plastic cover of the charger comes loose and may separate exposing internal components. These components may give electric shocks if touched while the charger is plugged in a live socket.

Chinese third-party supplier BYD Electronic manufactured the defective units.

The exchange of units can be facilitated via the Nokia web site.

Nokia is trying to keep up with its good reputation of selling high-quality and safe products. It may be recalled that Nokia also recalled 46 million batteries because of their potential to overheat way back in 2007.