North Korea Admits First AH1N1 Cases

North Korea finally reported its first cases of AH1N1 virus. Nine incidents were reported separately from the cities of Sinuiju on the border with China and in the capital Pyongyang.ah1n1-korea

The country has placed a quarantine system, created health centers and have closed schools for winter last Friday, December 4, a month before the regular break schedule.

South Korea meanwhile has extended their help saying they would be willing to expedite Tamiflu in the quickest way possible. In fact, South Korean President Lee Myung Bak had just proposed that to his cabinet the day before North Korea officially confirmed the cases.

North Korea has never admitted any cases even though there were already reports of deaths from the areas where the now first cases have surfaced.

Fears arise that the flu will spread quickly as the very secretive nation has closed border ties with other countries and government-to-government aids were cut-off. Malnutrition and pneumonia are widespread while good food and medicines are often in shortage status.