North Korea test fires four short-range missiles


North Korea, in a move that seemingly plays against the United Nations‘ sanctions for the recent nuclear tests in Pyongyang, have fired four short-range missiles towards its east coast Thursday. All four missiles were fired within a timeframe of four hours.

The missiles were classed as surface-to-ship missiles, with a range of about 60 miles, and were fired from the city of Wonsan.

“It’s not a good sign because they are demonstrating their military power,” said South Korea Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan.

North Korea has also been threatening to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile towards the direction of Hawaii. The US has started bolstering their defenses in the area. Suspicions arose when a North Korean ballistics ship which was being monitored suddenly changed course and directed itself back home, after being in US surveillance. The ship was suspected of carrying illicit weapons.

North Korea has declared that any interception of their ships was equivalent to a declaration of war.