Norton: Brad can’t sing

If you’ve heard rumors about a Fight Club musical, don’t expect to see Brad Pitt or Edward Norton appear in any such production.

In a recent interview, Edward Norton has dismissed rumors he is to reunite with Brad Pitt in a Broadway version of their hit film Fight Club.

Norton insists that neither himself nor Pitt will be involved in a stage version of the picture – which is rumored to feature music by Nine Inch Nails star Trent Reznor.

Two months ago Fight Club director David Fincher said on an interview, “I want at the 10-year anniversary to do Fight Club as a musical on Broadway. I love the idea of that.”

Norton tells, “This (rumor) has been floating around for a while. I’ve seen different notions of it. I doubt it’ll be me and Brad.”

“I know Brad can’t sing. Reznor would be about the right vibe for it, I guess.”

Norton showed off his singing talent in the 1996 Woody Allen film Everyone Says I Love You.