Norway Murderer’s Father Says Son Should’ve Killed Himself

Anders-Behring-Breivik-in-diving-suit-with-gun-(self-portrait)The father of Norway suspected murderer Anders Behring Breivik said his son should have taken his own life instead of carrying out what is now considered the worst mass killing in the Nordic country since World War II.

In interviews, Jens David Breivik said he was “in utter shock” after learning that his estranged 32-year-old son was behind Friday’s twin attacks that killed 68 people on the island of Utoeya and eight others in Oslo. “In my darkest moments, I think that rather than killing all those people, he should have taken his own life,” the older Breivik told TV2 in France, where the retired diplomat is now based. Jens David Breivik, who divorced his son’s mother more than 30 years ago, said he was sorry for what happened but at the same time distanced himself from the atrocities committed by his son. “I am deeply sorry over this situation. It’s awful for me personally, but it is also tragic for the whole country,” he said. “I hope that people will understand that I have nothing to do with this.”

Meanwhile, Anders Behring Breivik insisted on Monday that he is part of a terror network. According to the Guardian, the suspected mass murderer claimed that two more terror cells are out to sow more violence. His pronouncement Monday contradicts earlier police theory that Breivik acted on his own. “We can’t quite rule out that someone else was involved. This is partly based on the information that there are two other cells,” Prosecutor Christian Hatlo said.