Nude Therapy Nurse’s Prison Sentence Prolonged

Former Kansas nurse Linda Kaufman prison sentence was changed from 7 to 15 years for doing nude therapy and using stun gun to punish and control residents of a group home for the mentally ill.Linda-Kaufman-resentence

She was originally sentenced in 2006 alongside her husband Arlan Kaufman. He was sentenced to 30 years. The couple moved the case to a federal appeals court. The higher court upheld the conviction then ordered that the case be returned to District Court Judge Monti Belot to re-sentence her.

Apparently, the sentence of seven years was short.

Belot used the stun gun angle to increase the sentence. Kaufman said that they were using it as defense as patients can sometimes attack violently. A testimony however said that the stun gun was used against a male resident’s genitalia. The judge cannot consider that as a need for defense.

Some of the victims were present when the new sentence was handed out. They were happy about the new sentence. The Kaufman family, however, was disappointed because the new sentence does not meet merit and was not considerate to Linda’s age. She is 66 years old.