NVIDIA’s Tesla supercomputer launched in UK

nvidia tesla computer

US-based company NVIDIA has launched the world’s first personal supercomputer, 25 times faster than the average PC .

According to the Telegraph, the Tesla supercomputer will go on sale for almost 4,000 pounds, beyond the reach of most consumers, but is expected to revolutionize the way scientists and medical professionals carry out their work.

Scientists believe that they could help to find cures for diseases such as cancer and malaria faster than conventional research.

This is because the device lets them run hundreds of thousands of simulations to create a shortlist of the drugs that are most likely to offer the potential for a cure.

David Kirk, chief scientist at NVIDIA said:

“Pretty much anything that you do on your PC that takes a lot of time can be accelerated with this.”

“These supercomputers can improve the time it takes to process information by 1,000 times.

“If you imagine it takes a week to get a result [from running an experiment], you can only do it 52 times a year. If it takes you minutes, you can do it constantly, and learn just as much in a day.”

These supercomputers were first launched in the U.S. last month, and became available to British customers on December 4. PC giant Dell said that it would soon be mass-producing them for the general consumer market.

Photo: The Telegraph