Obama Irks European Union

US President Barack Obama landed in hot water after the European Union (EU) labeled as “snubbing” his decision to break tradition after opting out not to attend a scheduled summit in May.eu-us-flags

The EU learned about his decision through the press.

It has been a tradition that the president of the United States attend the EU-US Summit. EU politicians expressed disappointment and even anger for the “snubbing.” They believe that the summit should be downgraded or cancelled if Obama would not attend.

It is considered that the reason behind the decision is that the United States simply didn’t know who they’re supposed to be dealing with – something that the US thought should have been solved by the Lisbon treaty last December.

Currently the union has three presidents:

  • Herman Van Rompuy , the European Council President
  • Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister who holds the title of President in office during Spain’s six-month presidency of the EU.

PJ Crowley, US Assistant Secretary of State, expressed, “Because of the changes involving the establishment of a EU council president and a European commission president on top of the rotating EU presidency, I think it’s taking some time to work through exactly how various high-level meetings will happen.”

It has also been reported that Obama is finding the annual summit to be light in substance finding the last one held in Prague to be fairly unimpressive.