Obama retakes oath, flawless this time

Remember how Chief Justice John Roberts messed with the presidential swearing-in?

obama retakes oath

Well, just to be on the safe side, the chief justice has administered the oath taking of Barack Obama for a second time because a word was out of sequence when he was sworn in on Tuesday.

Justice Roberts came to the White House Wednesday and delivered the oath of office to Obama at 7:35 p.m. ET in the Map Room. No TV camera crews or news photographers were allowed in. The oath took 25 seconds, and the recitation was flawless this time.

In a statement, White House Counsel Greg Craig said they believe the oath taken on Tuesday was “administered effectively” but that out of an “abundance of caution” Obama did it again.

Some constitutional experts raised questions about whether Obama was officially the president after Roberts misplaced the word “faithfully” while administering the oath to Obama at the Capitol.

Two other previous presidents have repeated the oath because of related issues, Calvin Coolidge and Chester A. Arthur.

It was an appropriate move by the president. What he did will avoid four years of diverting questions about this matter.