Obama vows to go after Bin Laden

obama vows to go after bin laden

President-elect Barack Obama declared on Wednesday that his administration will go after Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and stop the radical group from using the Afghan-Pakistani border as sanctuary to execute terrorist attacks.

Obama said that Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden remain the “number one threat” to US security, after a new voice recording emerged from the terror group’s leader.

“Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are our number one threat when it comes to American security,” Obama told reporters. We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that they cannot create safe havens that can attack Americans.”

In a 22-minute audio recording posted on the Internet entitled “A Call for Jihad to Stop Aggression Against Gaza,” Bin Laden called for a holy war to restore “Jerusalem and Palestine.” The Al Qaeda leader also criticized the Arab handling of the Gaza conflict.

In his latest message, bin Laden also said: “Our brothers in Palestine, you have suffered a lot . . . the Muslims sympathise with you in what they see and hear. We, the mujahidin, sympathise with you also . . . We are with you and we will not let you down. Our fate is tied to yours in fighting the Crusader-Zionist coalition, in fighting until victory or martyrdom.”

In the video below, Obama speaks with Katie Couric about Bin Laden and the War on Terror.