Obama Wants Trips to Mars

No, he doesn’t want to go back to the moon. Forget it. What he wants is for mankind to go to Mars – in his lifetime. Talk about presidential wishes.planet-mars

During his visit to Kennedy Space Station last Thursday, April 15, United States President Barack Obama expressed his desire that he would want to see the day when astronauts would be able to set foot in the red planet.

He boasted that the plan would help save some jobs and bolster man’s knowledge and experience in deep space exploration at the same time.

Obama was criticized when he called for the abandonment of the Constellation Moon program to cut budget. “I just have to say pretty bluntly — we’ve been there before…There’s a lot more space to explore and a lot more to learn when we do,” he stressed out.

“The bottom line is, nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human exploration of space, than I am. But we’ve got to do it in a smart way,” he declared.

His plans involved being able to travel into deep space by 2025 and to land in an asteroid and Mars (pictured) by the mid-2030s. “And I expect to be around to see it,” he said.

However, he did not lay out a roadmap that will lead the country to achieve that feat.

Reactions to the vision are divided including those from his own Democratic Party.