Obama widens lead over McCain

According to CNN‘s latest poll, Barack Obama is widening his lead over John McCain in the race for the White House.

Fifty-three percent of likely voters questioned in the poll say they are supporting Obama for president, with 45 percent supporting McCain.

President Bush may be part of the reason why Obama’s making gains. Only 24 percent of those polled approve of Bush’s job as president, an all-time low for a CNN survey.

And that’s bad news for McCain, because the poll suggests a growing number of Americans believe the Republican presidential nominee would have the same policies as the current Republican president. Fifty-six percent say McCain’s policies would be the same as Bush, up from 50 percent a month ago.

The financial crisis also appears to be contributing to Obama’s increased lead in the poll. Sixty-eight percent are confident in the Democratic presidential nominee’s ability to handle the financial crisis, 18 points ahead of McCain, and 42 points ahead of Bush.