Octo-mom scores a $565K home in California



Nadya Suleman is about to move into a brand new home!

Nadya’s father has just purchased a 2,583 square-foot house and the deal is expected to close on Friday.

It is located in the city of La Habra, close to where her grandmother lives now. The house is bigger than the current place she’s living at – that is soon going into foreclosure.

According to TMZ, the “substantial down payment” came from money that Octo-mom has been raking in over the last few weeks.

The four-bedroom, three-bath home was listed for $564,900, and has a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard.

Suleman gave birth to octuplets on Jan. 26 after already having six other children.

[Images via TMZ]