Octopus Joins Smart Animals Club

An Australian scientist team exploring the Indonesian seas found out that the Veined Octopus is one of the smartest animals in the planet after it was documented to be able to plan ahead and use tools to help defend itself. CNN reports.veined-octopus

The veined octopus, scientific name Amphioctopus marginatus , then became the new inductee to the very elite animal tool-using club – and the only one that is an invertebrate, one without a backbone.

The octopuses would be found trying to lug around coconut shelves with its tentacles and use two of them together as a fort or shelter to defend themselves against predators. The idea of using foreign objects as shelter is not a new idea for animals. The octopus however, takes it in a higher level by cleaning the shells first; dragging them for long distances and then reassembles them as a fort in the destination area.

This octopus breed is now given another name – the coconut octopus.

“Amazing behavior,” said team lead Australian biologist Julian Finn of Museum Victoria in Melbourne. He was the first to notice the phenomenon.

Their findings would be published in the journal, Current Biology.

The octopus is a member of the class cephalopods. The class is known to have the most complex brain structure among invertebrates.