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Octuplets mom baby bump photos

12 February 2009 13 Comments

Posted by Sherwin

These amazing pictures show Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman baring her stomach eight days before giving birth.


The images, which were first posted on TMZ, show the strain her body was under as she reached the final chapter of her pregnancy.

Suleman, who already had six children by In vitro fertilization (IVF), used a fertility doctor to give birth to her babies.


The 33-year-old single mother has created a website where people can make online donations, leave comments or send items to her and her eight babies.

She gets $490 a month in food stamps. Three of her first children also get federal supplemental security income (SSI) because they are disabled.

(Via Mail Online)


  • Purelyyours

    Ever since the this news broke out I wanted see the pictures of that womb, thanks for posting these pictures! this is really huge and a bit scary as well!

  • http://www.pastryshoescollection.com/handbags/ Daddy's Girls

    Oh my God! it's my first time to see a huge womb like her.I wonder if it gives her a hard times carrying her tummy.

  • freestyles

    This truly awesome, I am amazed looking at the size, it looks as if it's going to blast!!

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  • Brook

    wow that has to be so painful one stretches your stomach enough. her belly almost looks see threw. wow

  • Brook

    wow that has to be so painful one stretches your stomach enough. her belly almost looks see threw. wow

  • todyboy


  • Lyn1230

    How dose she drive a car in that big belly

  • Realist.

    That is absolutely disgusting.

  • Boo32298

    how gross i could NEVER

  • Boo32298

    how gross i could NEVER

  • FooHobo

    Oh thats a bit gross. But she's probably a good mother but HER STOMACH IS HUGE!

  • Lil-amz23x

    i can not believe she went did that. to think about all those childen without a father….and all the other ppl out there who can not have babies, if you ask me i think it is selfish in so many ways. being pregnant is a beautiful thing and amazing. but doing something like that is plain selfish and in it for the money i say…… and when you know you dont have the money to do that. but i guess she knew what she was doing media mags etc. now she has money..