O’Donnel, Kimmel Attacks Leno; NBC Executive Defends

In a continuing saga probably more exciting than a primetime drama series, the world of television hosts attack one other in order to help another who is bound to lose a show. Rosie O’Donnel and Jimmy Kimmel slammed Jay Leno for not standing back on retaking The Tonight Show from Conan O’Brien.jay-leno

“Shame on Jay Leno,” O’Donnel said to some reporters. She explained by giving an analogy about bus drivers where after driving the bus for a certain period of time, one should be thankful for the experience and let it go once it is time to pass it on to the new guy.

“Leave our shows alone” quipped Kimmel. He said that it is the best prank to give something to someone then get it back immediately. He further remarked that he and O’Brien needed their jobs because they have children while Leno only has cars.

Meanwhile, NBC executive Dick Ebersol, defended Leno. He reminded everyone that Leno is moving back to late night because O’Brien is suffering from poor ratings, so low that local affiliates of the network complained. He also reminded that O’Brien was not being asked to leave The Tonight Show, he was only being moved to a newer slot and that it was his own decision to go as nobody in the network told him to leave.