Oh no! Hugh Jackman will host the Oscars

hugh jackman will host oscars

Hugh Jackman will host the 81st annual Academy Awards ceremony from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on Feb. 22, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Friday.

Its producers said they hoped to attain multiple goals with the casting of Mr. Jackman. First, there is a wish to put more movie in the yearly movie business extravaganza. Jon Stewart and Ellen DeGeneres, recent hosts, are both primarily known as television stars.

The Sexiest Man Alive responds in a statement, “Thirty years ago when I was in Sydney watching Johnny Carson host the Oscars with my family, I never imagined that I’d one day have the chance to be up on that stage myself! I am very grateful to the Academy for giving me this opportunity. And, excited to be working with Larry and Bill on what I know will be a fun and memorable celebration.”

It’s a tough job hosting the Oscars. It’s supposed to be entertaining.

The Academy Awards is typically hosted by people who tell jokes for a living, but they decided that sex sells so they got Hugh as a substitute.

I guess this is one good reason for some to waste a few hours of their lives watching a boring awards show! Hugh Jackman is handsome, but he’s not cool enough for that job.

For me, Billy Crystal is the only rightful Oscar host.

Knowing Mr. Wolverine is the host of the ceremony, are you more excited to watch The Oscars? Let us know in the comments.