Ohio Man Charged for Putting Tattoo on Baby’s Buttocks

A 20-year-old man from Louisville, Ohio who put a tattoo in the buttocks of a one-year-old child is facing a third-degree felony charge of child endangerment.letter-A-tattoo

Lee Deitrick put the tattoo of a letter ‘A’ at the buttocks of the baby girl that was brought in to his residence by a woman. It is still being identified on what is the relation between the woman and the child, what the motive of putting the tattoo and what could be the possible meaning of the letter ‘A’.

The procedure was done last year. Police say that there is no evidence that Deitrick has permission to imprint the tattoo.

Deitrick is not the child’s father. Louisville Police Chief Andrew Turowski said that he cannot “fathom why someone would try to do that.”

The tattoo is irremovable.

If convicted, Deitrick will be in prison for five years. He is currently out of Stark County Jail after posting bail.