Oklahoma Company Recalls Beef Products

Oklahoma company National Steak and Poultry has voluntarily recalled 248,000 pounds (112,000 kilograms) of beef products in six states believed to be contaminated with a strain of Escherichia coli, or more commonly known as e.coli bacteria.sirlion-steak-beef-recall

Covered states include Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota, Michigan, Kansas and Washington. The US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said that cluster of illnesses related to the bacteria were reported in the six states.

It was a Class I recall meaning consumption of the product may give the highest risk of illness. Specific products include beef sirloin steak, boneless beef tips, boneless beef sirloin steak, savory sirloin tips, bacon wrapped beef fillet, select beef shoulder, marinated tender medallions, Philly steak and boneless beef trimmings.

There were no confirmations of contamination in the plant but the company said it “will err on the side of being cautious” by recalling the products. It was the company’s first product recall in nearly 30 years of operation.