Old woman caught feeding cannabis to rabbits

Feeding Marijuana to Rabbits

We read stories of people cultivating marijuana for personal use, but growing them to feed their pets is more rare.

Police in Germany discovered a plot of cannabis plants while driving by a house in Golzow, Brandenburg. When the cops came by, an old lady told them that she had not grown the weed herself, and that she give them to her rabbits as food. According to the 84-year-old woman, the psychoactive plants had simply started growing on her lot…and her pets really like them.

From The Local:

…they had simply started growing there, and had proven to be excellent rabbit food. Not only did the rabbits love eating the plants, they grew back very quickly after she cut them down, she told the investigating officers.

A spokesman for the Brandenburg police said her explanation had sounded plausible, but the officers could not leave her with the plants, rather cut them all down and took them to the forensics laboratory for testing.

The three large plastic sacks of weed will now be tested to determine the level of THC – the psycho-active ingredient in cannabis – they contain. There was no official comment on what the elderly woman was expected to feed her rabbits with now.

Do rabbits really like pot? Here’s a video to give you an idea…