Olympic Medalist Stalker Found Guilty

Shawn_JohnsonA fan of Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson was convicted of stalking her.

Robert Michael O’Ryan, 36, was arrested in 2009 after barging in the set of Dancing with the Stars loaded with two guns, duct tape, zip ties, and love letters to Johnson. Another firearm was found in his car during that time.

He claimed that Johnson spoke to him through television via ESP telling him that they would be together and have a child.

O’Ryan has pleaded not guilty due to insanity. HollywoodNews.com said that the judge has ruled O’Ryan to be legally insane and that he should be moved to a mental hospital.

Johnson is the gold medal winner in the women’s balance beam event at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. She is also the 2007 World Championships gold medal winner for individual all-around.

She joined the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars last year. Her partner then was Mark Ballas. She eventually won the competition, the youngest ever at 17.