One-handed basketball player to play in NCAA Division I


Kevin Laue isn’t your typical college freshman.  What more, he isn’t your ideal basketball varsity player.  But most of all, he isn’t your archetype NCAA Division I College Basketball recruit and scholar.


This 6-foot-11 center from Pleasanton, California was born with a physical handicap.  His left arm ends at the elbow as the circulation to it was cut off by the umbilical cord during birth, stunting its growth. But the rest of his body grew quickly.

He will be suiting up for the Manhattan College Jaspers and will have a chance to live out the dream of anyone who has been told they couldn’t play a sport they loved because of a physical defect.

The Jaspers’ season opens on November 14 and Kevin hopes his opponents will underestimate his skills so he could use it to his advantage.  Laue also welcomes the chance to inspire other people like him or even normal people to excel and achieve their dreams.