OnStar to release new technology to remotely stop stolen cars


OnStar, the company that developed the Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, a technology that allows police to remotely slow down a vehicle that they suspect have been stolen, has developed yet another technological weapon to add to their arsenal against automobile theft.

Dubbed “Remote Ignition Block“, the technology is designed to prevent a car from starting through its ignition once an automobile has been reported and authenticated as stolen. Remote Ignition Block operates via GPS, allowing OnStar to locate the automobile in question and remotely, in every sense of the phrase, shut it down.

Of course, the automobile has to be turned off first before this actually has any effect, and there’s always the offshoot that carnappers only stand to use the cars only once, but at least the stolen cars will be unresponsive, posing no threat to other bystanders and will relatively be easier to track down and retrieve.

OnStar plans to wheel out this new feature in two million cars on its launch.