Opera Mini 4.2 released

Just yesterday Opera Mini 4.2 was released and joined Google’s Android Market.According to downoad.com the 4.2 version release appears to be similar to the beta version, that was made available for download just two weeks ago.

It boasts speeds up to 30 percent faster, a modified video playback that triggers a media player to stream a video, greater multilingual support, and the reintroduction of skins, a visual extra that had made a short hiatus when Opera upgraded Mini to version 4.0.

The first Web browser alternative on Android, Opera Mini 4.2 features all familiar features from the Mini family, such as page zooming, bookmarking, searching for in-line text and saving.

Google’s Android phone is now really becoming a strong contender to the iPhone. Opera Mini and Fusion Voicemail Plus are now available on the Android Market for free.

Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, search with Google, get your e-mail on the go, do your online banking. There are no limits — Opera Mini is the quick, easy and secure way to get any Web page you want. [via operamini.com]

You can download opera mini here: http://www.operamini.com/download/