Opposition Says Egypt Election Rigged

Egypt-ElectionsOpposition candidates and their supporters have accused Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party of using dirty tactics inĀ  Parliamentary elections on Sunday, allegations that the administration has strongly denied.

The opposition and some human rights groups said some ballot boxes were already full just minutes after polling places opened, while some voters claimed that officials told them that there was no election. However, an NDP candidate said the Islamist opposition was just looking for an excuse for its impending loss in the two-round parliamentary election that serves as a primer to a 2011 presidential poll.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which was banned as a political party, is hoping to at least duplicate its performance in 2005, when its candidates won 20 percent of parliament seats. Senior Islamist officials are, however, skeptical about their chances this time as the ruling party is reportedly bent on limiting the number of opposition in parliament to improve its chances in next year’s presidential election.